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Protect our Emergency Evacuation Routes

PEER, with the support of SOS (Save Open Space of the Santa Monica Mountains), has filed a public interest suit against the City of Agoura Hills on the grounds that the City failed to properly consider & analyze the potential impacts to emergency response, evacuation & wildfire risks when selecting sites for their recent housing plan.

When approving this plan, our city concluded that recent zoning changes could have no impact on emergency response or evacuation “because no emergency response or evacuation plans have been adopted for the City.”

Drastic increases in residential density along our already overlycongested evacuation routes, including Driver Avenue & Kanan Road, could lead to tragic delays for the residents who rely on them.

The city can & should meet its new housing needs without compromising public safety by utilizing safer feasible alternatives, such as those that our sister cities have used.


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We have an extremely strong case but we need help with funding to continue to move forward. If you oppose the upzoning of the Kanan shopping centers or the upzoning of the oak studded hillside on Driver & Colodny, please donate!

Having received approval from SEE (Social Environmental Entrepreneurs) for 501c3 fiscal sponsorship of our project, we are now able to collect tax deductible donations here through our website.

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Visit our Frequently Asked Questions page or reach out to us directly by emailing [email protected]


Old Agoura, Agoura Hills & Oak Park community members, we need you! Our evacuation routes don’t stop & start at our city’s boundary lines. If you utilize either the Kanan Road or Driver Avenue evacuation routes, please join the group. 

What we Need 

We need your support! 
We already have an attorney who specializes in public interest cases like this one & we have a damn good case. We also have the support of Save Open Space! 
Moving forward, we will need some serious support from our community! PEER needs to raise $20,000 to cover the cost of legal fees & we need our community to rally. 

Here’s how it works… 

The public interest suit is what we intend to use to force the city to reopen the housing plan & properly analyze the risk factors to our community’s  evacuation routes, in relation to the locations they’ve chosen to include.
While the suit can & will concentrate on the Kanan & Driver sites, the suit cannot force the city to remove specific sites. We intend to do this using public pressure & we need your help. 

Please, help us! Donate today, a little or a lot, it all makes a difference & join our mailing list to become a member.

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