Frequently Asked Questions 

Why is PEER suing the city & not the state? 

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Our city has chosen the sites included in this housing plan, not the state. We believe the city can and should meet its new housing needs without compromising public safety. 

Could these developments move forward without public process?

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Yes. If a project contains a certain percentage of affordable housing, then by right no official environmental document and no official city council vote will be required. (City Ordinance Code #9531-32) 

Where are the Kanan & Driver sites that were recently upzoned?

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The city recently upzoned the Kanan shopping center sites, (all three, Vons, Ralph’s & Agoura Deli shopping centers), at Kanan x T.O. Blvd, along with the oak studded hillside on the corner of Driver x Colodny in Old Agoura.

How many units could be added to the Old Agoura Site on Driver & to the Kanan shopping center sites?

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The site on the corner of Driver & Colodny has been upzoned from 3 single family residential equestrian lots to medium density allowing for 33-44 units at this location. 

The sites at the Kanan shopping centers have been upzoned from 1.75 residential units per acre to allow for up to 25 residential units per acre, for a total of up to 564 units. 

It’s worth noting “The increase in density to 25 dwelling units per acre and by right development processing will provide a strong incentive to develop under the AHO.” -City of Agoura Hills Draft 2021-2029 Housing Element, (referencing the Old Agoura site, along with eight of the other sites recently included & rezoned.)

Weren’t the Kanan shopping center sites already zoned for mixed use?

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The Kanan shopping centers were zoned for mixed use at 1.75 units per acre, (above commercial use). They’ve now been rezoned to allow for up to 25 units per acre & “horizontal mixed use with residential adjacent to the commercial buildings. In addition to the currently allowed vertical mixed use option.”

Will these projects actually happen?

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According to the Agoura Hills Director of Development, that’s the plan & unfortunately, once these sites have been included in the city’s new housing plan, there are fast track options for developers, in which the public has no say.
Check out the last video clip, under our site’s news section, “Will these projects actually happen?” 

Why have I not heard about PEER before?

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PEER is a grassroots group that formed out of necessity in response to our city’s new housing plan. While we are working with the well known local nonprofit SOS, Save Open Space of the Santa Monica Mountains, & with SEE, Social Environmental Entrepreneurs, who have set up a 501c3 project for us, PEER itself is a new group made up of residents who are affected by the recent upzonings on Kanan Road & Driver Avenue. 

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We have an extremely strong case but we need help with funding to continue to move forward. If you oppose the upzoning of the Kanan shopping centers or the upzoning of the oak studded hillside on Driver & Colodny, please donate!